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Print –A- Job

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A digital printing dubbo is the part of a computer that creates a representation of what is on the screen. They take HP toner and cartridges that allow colour to be represented with mixing of the prime colours. Three dimensional printers are the latest invention that can recreate a perfect replica of an item using a resin. There has even been a three dimensional printer that makes candy that can then be eaten.

Printer can print images stored on computers and memory cards as well as directly from the internet. Printers need to be connected to a computer or network and may be accessed digitally or wirelessly. Visit

Some printers are designed for domestic use and have a lower capacity for quality, larger, are commercial printers are designed for a larger volume of work. The cost per page of printer is still relatively high and the speed of printing is quite slow. Printing presses are still considered the preferred option for large scale printing jobs.

Printers are now able to do many things, such as photograph printing and the range of paper can affect the quality of the finish. Photographic paper can be used to increase the quality of the finished product.

The world’s first computer printer was invented by a man called Charles Babbage.