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How To Make Social Media Videos Effective?

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Making social media video Brisbane is a rising trend. Everyone is fond of making videos and uploading them on social media platforms. Most of the content on social media is in form of videos. These videos are not only used for uploading for sharing purpose, but majority is for commercial purpose. People are coming with news idea daily to make these videos more interactive and attractive. There are many online tools available which can help to edit videos, enhance their quality or add content to them.

If you are using the social media platform for your videos then you can upload whatever you want as you don’t have to target any audience, you are sharing just for fun or to create a memory. But if the video will be uploaded for commercial purpose then certain mantras can help to make your video more viewable and can attract more viewers


One should focus to use better equipment for making the commercial video for social media platforms. Mobile cameras are not the right camera to record commercial videos, so proper equipment must be in your hand. Otherwise the video quality or sound quality will be uniform, and this will decrease your viewership. It is suggested to hire a video production agency if you want to make professional videos.


The content of the video must be selected very carefully. Always keep your audience in mind whenever you select the content. People can bore of things which they don’t understand, so make it simple also. Proper research to be done before finalizing the content of the video because any wrong information can get a lot of fallback from your audience. Content must be precise, brief and comprehensive


The attention span of people is shrinking. Now the online users’ attention span has reduced up to 8 seconds. So, make your first 10 seconds count, because if your viewer will not get interested in the beginning then they will not going to watch the complete video. But brevity doesn’t mean that you should be compromising on your content. Try to be creative so that you can cover your message in the shortest time while making it catchy also.


Story Telling

Everyone loves stories. Same can be sued to make better videos. A short story at the beginning of video can help to gather the attention of your viewer and then fusing the climax of the story with your message. Storytelling will also help to keep the content of captive for your viewers and they will be able to remember video whenever they will recall the story. Storytelling is also effective because it can appeal to emotions and can touch your viewer’s heart. Check this link to find out more details.